Friday, August 24, 2007

The Golden Ticket

I was just reminded of this the other day:

A couple of years ago, the now nine-year-old was bored, so I gave her a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After some protest that it, too, was boring, she went away to read it. After about an hour she came running downstairs to say: "Mom, Dad, Charlie got the last golden ticket!" I don't think I actually said this to her at the time, but my thought was: "Well, yes, of course he got the last ticket. The book would be considerably shorter if he didn't." She gets a little worked up over the suspenseful parts of the Harry Potter. But I tell her Harry will make it through book 3, since J.K. Rowling wouldn't have bothered with books 4 through 6 if he didn't.

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